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Confirm Edit

Confirm edit is used for the Captcha in the account creation page.
The extension files were first copied to a local extension folder.
The folder was then mounted through docker-compose.yml adding a line after Volumes :

- ./ConfirmEdit:/var/www/html/extensions/ConfirmEdit

Finally, the locally mounted LocalSettings.php got these extra lines

wfLoadExtensions([ 'ConfirmEdit', 'ConfirmEdit/QuestyCaptcha' ]);
$wgCaptchaQuestions = [
        'Question' => 'Response',
$wgCaptchaTriggers['create'] = true;

Then I restarted the service


Deleting user accounts can be tricky. The best solution seems to be merging accounts which is a good solution to double accounts or empty ghost accounts. For this there is a special page.

The extension couldn't be added through the following shoehorning solution. I had to copy the extension files to the docker container first.

docker cp extensions/UserMerge b3aca7519274:/var/www/html/extensions/

Then I proceeded to normal install by adding the following lines to the LocalSettings.php page mounted outside the container (through docker-compose.yml file)

wfLoadExtension( 'UserMerge' ); 
// By default nobody can use this function, enable for bureaucrat? 
$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['usermerge'] = true; 

// optional: default is array( 'sysop' ) 
$wgUserMergeProtectedGroups = array( 'groupname' );

Inside the docker container I ran the update php script afterwards, not sure if this was necessary?

docker exec -it <container> /bin/bash
php maintenance/update.php 

TO DO: check whether this line in docker-compose.yml is still useful : - ./userMerge:/var/www/html/extensions/UserMerge


Basic Config

A LocalSettings.php file has been mounted in docker-compose.yml to be able to adjust it from outside the container.

   - ./wikibase-br-special/LocalSettings.php:/var/www/html/LocalSettings.php


The UniversalLanguageSelector extension has been deactivated in LocalSettings.php

Weird stuff / bugs etc

Property name not editable

The field goes red when "save" is pressed and the name. Statements couldn't be added.
This was the error message in console

load.php?debug=false&lang=en&modules=jquery%2Coojs-ui-core%2Coojs-ui-widgets|oojs-ui.styles.icons-editing-advanced&skin=vector&version=1wgtdan:130 Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

I first added

I added $wgServer = "";

to the LocalSettings.php I mounted.

Find the actual solution in notes

CirrusSearch indexation bug

It was only possible to search for items but not for words present within different pages for a while. The following error message would pop up in red:

"An error has occurred while searching: We could not complete your search due to a temporary problem. Please try again later."

Solution : indexation scripts had to be run from within the docker container.

URL addition by users without privilege

$wgGroupPermissions['autoconfirmed']['skipcaptcha'] = true;

In LocalSettings.php file seems to have solved the problem (Autoconfirmed is assigned to users automatically by MediaWiki; you can set the time and number of edits after which this happens)

To solve and document

  • wdqs container sometimes goes down
  • query service doesn't fetch wikibase entered data
  • Image from commons also don't fetch (preview is local but the actual integration to the wiki upon saving is not working)

Server Side stuff

SSL certificates

The server IP:port of the query service should redirect to url but other than that it all seems fine.

to do

  • update mediawiki