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Each of NASA's successful Apollo missions to the moon left something behind on its surface. From rover buggies to golf balls and American flags to footprints, all remain perfectly preserved due to the lack of atmosphere on the moon. Like items in an anthropological, museum tableau waiting to be re-examined, the artifacts have remained untouched – and unseen – for decades. The predominant trend in astronomy has been to look ever deeper into space, to the far reaches of time, in an attempt at uncovering profound insights about our place in the universe. The aim of this project is to explore a more familiar - yet alien - landscape, an environment closer to home in both distance and time. Part of a series of works drawing on the social and political resonances of Project Apollo, America's space programme that heralded the first moon landing in 1969. 'Lost in Space' was commissioned by Book Works, London. Other works in the series are the videos 'Launch' and 'On Modern Ruins'.