Tutorial 1

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Tutorial 1

Getting started with an account on the database

Step 1

Email daap [dot] signup [at] disroot [dot] org to receive a Registration Code. You will need this to complete the account set up process. In the email you send us, please include a short note to tell us how you heard about the archive and why you’d like to join our community. This is to protect the archive against automated account creation. Please allow a few days for our reply: we do our best to respond to sign up requests promptly.

Step 2

Navigate to the Create account page via this link. Alternatively, find the Create account button in the upper right corner of the Main Page.


Step 3

Enter your details into the form on this page.


Username: Your username must start with a capital letter, otherwise it will be capitalised automatically. The DAAP database is a closed-open community – everyone must go through this sign up process to gain their editing rights. It is preferable that all members of our community use their real names. Please sign up using your name, or the name you are known by. However, if there are politically or socially sensitive reasons for using an alias, please feel free to use this instead.

Password and email: Enter a password, then confirm it. Next, enter your email in the following field.

Your real name (optional): Here, you have the option to enter your real name if you have signed up using an alias. If provided, your real name allows us to give you attribution for your work, however this attribution won’t be seen by users other than the DAAP administrative team.

Step 4

Enter code: Finally, enter the Registration Code you will have received by email, and press "Create your account".